• Newly designed and developed aero bumper.
    Due to the balance between body size and cornering speed, 1/10 GP touring cars are the category most prone to traction roll and in race situations it is very important to prevent this. In recent years, aerodynamic balance has become the mainstream countermeasure against traction rolling, and the shape of the front aero bumper of the IF15-2 has been drastically changed from the previous model. The newly designed aero bumper has holes drilled in the walled-off areas to allow for aerodynamic balance adjustment. In addition, the bumper tip shape has been refined to match the latest body shape.
    Ribs have been added to the chassis attachment area to increase rigidity and strength. The bumper upper side has also been reshaped to optimize the rigidity of the body post for improved steering response.
  • Newly designed and developed main chassis
    Newly designed main chassis with tapered edges to minimize chassis contact with the track surface during roll and pitching. A practical improvement which can help you when every 1/100th of a second counts. Aesthetically also improves the look of the car.
  • Newly developed and newly designed front bulkhead
    The shock stay mounting structure has been completely reviewed, and the lower bulkhead and upper bulkhead have been completely redesigned.
    The clearance between the front shock and the bulkhead has been optimized, and the shock angle adjustment range and rigidity balance of the bulkhead as a whole have been optimized. Ease of maintenance has also been improved. Furthermore, the mounting position of the stabilizer has been lowered to achieve a lower center of gravity.
  • Newly designed and developed front shock stay
    By securing the distance from the damper to the shock stay with a 4mm collar, the new structure allows the damper to lay down further than before offering greater tuning options.
  • Newly designed and developed front stabilizer
    The front sway bar is now a ball split type for quick setting changes and easy maintenance. Furthermore, a newly developed "ball-shaped bearing" is used for the sway bar holder.
    The set screw for fixing the sway bar holder is now tilted 15 degrees inward to keep the sway bar in the center of the sway bar holder at all times. The ball-shaped contact area with the bearing eliminates twisting when fixing the stabilizer holder. These new features offer easy and extremely smooth operation at all times.
  • Newly designed and developed rear stabilizer
    The completely new rear stabilizer is now mounted from the front side with a wider pivot width, instead of the conventional rear side installation.
    The rear suspension arms are also newly designed, giving the IF15-2 new steering characteristics by allowing the stabilizer to function at the optimum lever ratio.
    Like the front, a newly developed "ball-shaped bearing" is used for easy installation and extremely smooth operation.
  • Newly designed and developed rear bulkhead
    The rear bulkhead has also been completely redesigned as a result of major structural changes to the rear stabilizer. Bulkhead components have been simplified by standardizing the left and right side components. The mounting position of the upper arm holder plate has also been revised to improve traction during acceleration.
  • Engine Mount
    The low center-of-gravity version, which was previously available as an option, is now standard in the kit.
  • Newly designed and developed rear shock stay
    Newly designed rear shock stay with less cut outs to optimized rigidity balance.
  • Rear Geometry
    Lower arms 1mm longer per side from IF15. Stabilizes behavior in high-speed courses.
  • Front and rear parallel type universal joint
    Parallel type driveshafts have been chosen for the most consistency in all track conditions. Maintains stable driving characteristics.
  • Newly designed and developed brake unit
     - The brake unit was the main focus of the IF15-2 development. No parts from the previous model were carried over, and all parts were newly developed and designed.
     - The brake rotor has been enlarged to improve heat dissipation and provide stable braking power.
     - The brake pad contact area with the brake disc has been more than doubled from the previous model. Teflon brake pads are made of a completely new material. Mild and stable braking performance is achieved even over long periods of driving.
     - The double piston system maximizes the benefits of the larger pads and discs. The pistons are offset in the direction of rotation to ensure uniform pressure distribution on the pad surface during braking.
     - The brake shaft is supported by upper and lower bearings, and the aluminum brake lever ensures reliable brake control.
  • Black Pulley
    The Kevlar-laced nylon material has been retained, but the pulleys have been blacked out to give the new IF15-2 a clean look.
  • Newly designed shock
    Improved suspension stroke is achieved by using an extremely small screw to hold the piston in place. Designed to eliminate bottoming out!
  • Newly designed and developed upper deck
    Optimized flex characteristics of the entire chassis by making the torsional characteristics of the left and right sides as uniform as possible.


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