Tested and approved by Team INFINITY’s World Champion drivers, the IF15 was designed with the concept of having the lowest possible center of gravity and easy maintenance. The IF15 provides excellent steering feeling in a wide range of driving situations due to the low center of gravity and quickly changing settings or exchanging differentials and belts is made simple with easy access bulkheads, this is a great advantage in races where you need to find the best setup with only limited time. The kit contains suspension bushes with various roll centre positions, three kinds of front stabilizers and four kinds of rear stabilizers are included so that you can easily tune your IF15 to any track.

More information at:http://www.creationmodel.net/index.php/infinity-1-8/infinity-if15-1-10-gp-touring-car

Infinity 1/10 GP Touring Car - IF15

  • S$1,080.00

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